My name is Katie Jacobs and I am a ceramicist/artist/designer from Melbourne, Australia. I am inspired by various obsessions with popular culture, iconography and the Australian identity. In my artwork, I investigate this creation of cultural, national and social identity through the broad use of the narrative.

Recently my artwork has been inspired by the town of Natimuk and the project "the space that binds us" curated by Alison Eggleton. David Lee Roth visited Natimuk in 1988, and inspired us as artists, to take over the National Hotel on Natimuk's Main St with "Diamond Dave" paraphernalia, and to imagine that perhaps he might one day return to Natimuk. I have taken my design cues from some of the inspiring jungle print fashions of David Lee Roth and 80's rock icons.

During my 2011-14 MFA program at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, my sculptures used human-sized ceramic animal heads combined with found objects to examine cultural identity rituals and symbols. I interpret a devotional experience of human bonding in repetitive community rituals.